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My Scenery Book Is Out!

Scenery For Modern Switching Layouts Finally… scenery book is finished and live on Amazon! I would describe it as a niche book targeted to two readerships, myself and my blog readers. Many thanks to Tom Klimoski for his editing efforts. No matter how much experience we have, we all have the capacity to improve, myself […]

Indian Matchmaking & Layout Design

One evening, a few weeks ago, I was melting into my couch and surfing Netflix. Scroll, scroll, scroll, nothing.  Essentially what I was looking for was something short, borderline entertaining, and took minimal neurons to process. In other words, trashy but not too trashy.  Up comes the series “Indian Matchmaking”.  Okay, nobody will know, I’ll […]

Weeks Gas – East Rail 2

The latest project on East Rail 2 is Weeks Gas. Although it won’t ever be confused for an architectural masterpiece, it is iconic in the area by virtue of its front and center location at the entrance to the industrial park. Building flats are typically visually jarring and generally don’t work. You can get away […]

The Photo Shoot

I’ve gotten a number of questions as to how the photo shoot in my last post was handled, specifically the lighting. Since the tripods were still in place, it’s easy enough to show. I used only ONE photo flood and turned all of the room lights OFF before taking the shot. Note the light position […]