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East Rail on Film!

Here’s a blast from the past….Splitting off of Miami’s “East Rail” siding, just south of the main industrial park, is a one track spur that dives into the weeds, and weaves through concrete canyons between closely packed structures.  At the end of the spur there is a blind crossing of 37th Avenue to reach an…


Although often not thought of in those terms, time, in all of it’s iterations, is one of the most factors to be considered when designing a layout.  I just posted a more detailed blog on the subject on my business site HERE.

Operating the LAJ

While waiting for supplies to come in for the Brooklyn Terminal layout, I doubled back to other areas. As a host layout for the upcoming ProRail national operating convention, it’s time to make sure all of my ducks are in a row.  I’ll be running both the Downtown Spur and LAJ layouts simultaneously so will…

Modeling Streets

I wrote a detailed article on using photos to model streets in the February 2018 issue of RMC.

Fear of Making Mistakes

I wrote a blog on my business site, “The Fear of Making Mistakes”.  You can read it HERE.