Canton RR Article

The current issue of Railfan and Railroad has an exceptional article on Baltimore’s Canton RR, a modern switching line. I particularly liked the highly detailed explanation of their switching operations. The photos are superb as is Otto’s illustration. You can buy it HERE. My Barnes and Noble had it in the magazine rack. I have […]

Book Stuff

The number of my books in print has reached the point where I felt it was time to set up a separate website just for them. Hopefully this adds some clarity. You can visit it at I’ve set up a separate page for each category (design, track plans, etc.). There is some overlap. The […]

Book Addendum

The Terminal Corporation. Baltimore. May 5, 2023. For those that just purchased my new Switching Layout Book….. Murphy’s law of publishing 107a reads….”The week after you publish a book, you’ll find a better photo to illustrate a key point. It’s never the week BEFORE. That’s the law”. On the Canton Railroad design in the book, […]

Latest Book is Now Available!

My most recent book, 8 Track Plans For Modern Era Switching Layouts, is now available through Amazon. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, this effort is directed towards my blog followers, friends, and Facebook folks. It’s written in the same conversational style I’d use if we were having coffee face to […]

State of the Union

It’s been a busy few years on the modeling front. As I wrote previously, with the Brooklyn Terminal layout now fully complete, I do find myself feeling a bit of “what now”? There are really no other themes or scales that are pulling me towards them at this point. If anything has arisen lately it’s […]