Weathering Track


Here’s a cookbook rundown on how I weather my Micro Engineering flex track.  If you want rail bars, apply those first.  I use Details West part # RB-933.  I paint and weather the track BEFORE laying it.

  1. Paint the track (rails and ties) with Model Master “Light Gray”.  Use the acrylic version, not the enamel version.  If you don’t, the paint will erode on the next step.



2. Apply a wash of Burnt Umber artist oils, diluted with mineral spirits, over the ties using a soft brush and let dry for a day or so.  I’ve found drying goes quickly if you put the rail outside on a hot, sunny day.



3. Mask the ties and paint the rails (with an airbrush) with your choice of one of the following Model Master colors:

  •    Dark Earth #617 (this is dark tan)
  •    Burn Umber
  •    Schokoladeenbraun #2096 (close to the old Floquil Roof Brown.  Sort of a chocolate brown.

4. Apply an India Ink/alcohol wash over the ties with a soft brush.  1 teaspoon of ink per pint of 70% alcohol

5. Lay the track and ballast it.

6. Take an old, small, stiff, brush and work some chocolate brown weathering chalk into the rail webs.  It’s important to have the ballast down first as you want the effect of rust bleeding downwards on to the ballast.     Seal with Dullcote.