Category: Photography and Lighting

2am, August 24, 1943. First Avenue. Brooklyn, NY. Shot with an iPhone 6sPlus under halogen track lighting. Edited with Helicon Focus and Adobe PSE.

How To Create an Image

A naval warship temporarily berths on the Brooklyn waterfront at the height of World War 2. The image was shot using an iPhone and edited with Helicon Focus, Adobe Elements, and Corel Knockout 2. Our hobby is a visual one. It’s hard to overemphasize the power the camera lens gives us in terms of allowing…

Shoving Up First Avenue

Shoving a car eastward up First Avenue ca. 1943 on my N scale Brooklyn Terminal layout.

Brooklyn Terminal May 25

Back to work on the N scale Brooklyn Terminal layout. Currently on the docket is finishing the three large dockside warehouses. Lots of windows! As I was wrapping up last night I noticed the interesting lighting effect cast off by the overhead halogen track lights which lead to the image above. Smart phone camera’s convey…

Cross Pollination

Facing west from 13th Avenue towards the First Coast of Miami produce stand on my Downtown Spur layout. A recently saw the movie White Crow, a biopic on the life and career development of ballet star Rudolph Nureyev. Lots of lessons for us in there. How in the world could a movie on ballet have…