East Rail’s Mobile Home Park

Mobile home parks are a common feature of South Florida’s landscape, particularly around the industrial parks. The above scene is a very close replica of that on my original East Rail layout. In my current iteration, the structures are from Inter-Action Hobbies. Their laser cut kits skew more to the craftsman end of the spectrum […]

East Rail March 4

Y320’s switcher approaches 37th Avenue as it works East Rail’s Big Hole lead. Tropical International is an auto parts warehouse (not rail served). I used photo laminates over a styrene core owing to the difficulty of capturing the logo had I used traditional construction methods.

A View Down the Canal

It’s been a long time coming, but here’s a view down the canal on my new East Rail replica layout. I’ve tried hard to keep the flavor of the old one while, at the same time, making some subtle improvements. Here’s the same shot on the old layout taken in 2009. Steel structures are relatively […]