East Rail – Original

Job Y320 out of Hialeah yard works East Rail’s Sentry Chorine in the spring of 2010.

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M 008

Shoehorned between 54th and 62nd Streets in Hialeah, Florida, and typified by faded pastel warehouses, the “East Rail” industrial park in Hialeah, Florida begged to be modeled.  Covering a relatively compact area, the park contains a surprisingly diverse range of rail served industries.  Railroaders assign nicknames to everything and the simple fact that the park was located on the east side of the main was reason enough give the complex its name.  The layout itself would fall in the category of what is called “proto freelance”.  It draws on the prototype for inspiration but doesn’t follow it exactly.



  • Era Modeled: 2007
  • Scale: HO
  • Prototype: CSX (Proto freelanced)
  • Track: Micro Engineering code 70
  • Minimum radius: 24 inches
  • Control: EasyDCC wireless
  • Turnouts: Number 6, manually thrown
  • Bench work: Hollow core doors with extruded foam laminated on top