Category: Downtown Spur

A-1 Farmers Choice

A-1 Farmers Choice and International Freight was located on the far west end of the switchback. At the time I started rail fanning the line in ’06 it was still receiving cars on a fairly consistent basis. That tapered off and eventually dried up several years later. A decade ago I shot a similar version…

Walking The Tracks

This scene was shot on the layout from 14th Avenue facing eastward down the tracks with my iPhone 6sPlus. Man that thing has a damn good camera on it when it comes to model photography. I also tried getting this shot using the iPhone13. As I moved the focal points, it kept jumping among the…

Northbound Tri-Rail

Having left the airport station, and crossed the Miami River, a northbound Tri-Rail train passes my recently completed Miami Jai-Alai fronton structure. Shot with Canon Rebel. Edited with Helicon Focus, Corel Knockout, and Adobe Photoshop.

12th Avenue Courtyard

This shot was taken on the layout from 12th Avenue facing east towards downtown. Trujillo is on the left, the runaround track is in the distance. The Miami skyline is cropped in as I think it’s a better look than the basement door which is what you’d actually see if you were visiting the layout!

Miami Jai-Alai Finished!

Whew, this was a “project” but it’s finally done. Some lessons learned….First, unconventional subjects require unconventional, and more modern, tools and techniques. It would have been impossible to get this done without using the photo laminate technique and a craft cutter (a tool I appreciate more and more with each passing year). From past mistakes…