Category: Downtown Spur

30th Ave. Jan. 24th

30th Avenue in Miami looking north. Sun Gas is in the upper right. Work begins on the 30th Avenue scene starting with the road and grade crossing itself. It’s a little tricky to model effectively because of the fairly distressed look of the pavement. In addition, the street goes right over a turnout. To model…

New Miami Video

For the Miami rail fans and modelers in the group, Tolga Erbora has just produced a new video. Among other places he highlights East Rail and the Downtown Spur. He really does a great job of laying things out A to Z. You can watch the video HERE.

Cross Pollination

Facing west from 13th Avenue towards the First Coast of Miami produce stand on my Downtown Spur layout. A recently saw the movie White Crow, a biopic on the life and career development of ballet star Rudolph Nureyev. Lots of lessons for us in there. How in the world could a movie on ballet have…

First Coast of Miami, Final

The First Coast structure is now in the bag. Photos can pick up errors the naked eye can’t. After looking at my previous construction shots it was apparent that I’d made the electrical conduits too large of a diameter so I needed to go back and replace those. One of the more effective illusions of…

First Coast April 28

I was able to get most of the First Coast structure done this weekend. Still remaining are the loading platform to the right and the foreground pavement.