Brooklyn Terminal

The local shoves a car eastward up First Avenue on my Brooklyn Terminal, N scale layout set in the WW 2 era.

The Brooklyn Terminal is a proto freelanced , N scale layout based loosely on Brooklyn’s Bush Terminal and Fulton Terminal railroads in the World War 2 era. The bench work footprint is in a freestanding island format, configured in a five foot by seven foot “L” sitting on pedestals in an upstairs bedroom “layout gallery” which also houses the Los Angeles Junction layout.

Overall view of the layout in my “layout gallery” room located in an upstairs spare bedroom.
The current track plan. There may be a few minor changes but this will essentially be the final configuration.
  • Scale: N
  • Era: 1940’s
  • Theme: Proto freelanced based largely on Brooklyn’s Bush and Fulton Terminals
  • Motive Power: Steam
  • Prototype: Proto-freelance composite of Bush Terminal and Fulton Terminal in Brooklyn, NY
  • Dimensions: 7 foot x 5 foot, 6 inch “L”
  • Bench work format: Freestanding island
  • Layout Height: 57 inches
  • Kato Unitram in the street running areas, hand laid code 40 elsewhere.
Working the docks.
The freight house is largely based on that of the Bush Terminal. I did an article on how I built this in RMC.
Working the interchange track.
Many of the iconic features of the original Bush Terminal area, such as tracks in cobblestone streets, still exist today.