Brooklyn Terminal

The Brooklyn Terminal switcher shoves a cut of cars west down 1st Avenue as night closes in.

The switcher works the warehouses along the docks.

Overall view of the layout.

  • Scale: N
  • Era: 1940’s
  • Theme: Proto freelanced based largely on Brooklyn’s Bush and Fulton Terminals
  • Motive Power: Steam
  • Prototype: Proto-freelance composite of Bush Terminal and Fulton Terminal in Brooklyn, NY
  • Dimensions: 7 foot x 5 foot, 6 inch “L”
  • Bench work format: Freestanding island
  • Layout Height: 57 inches
  • Track: Kato Unitram for street running regions.  Other areas to be determined, code 40 if possible
  • Control System: CVP EasyDCC wireless

Old Bush Terminal street trackage looking north on 41st Street from 2nd Avenue.