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Brooklyn Terminal October 29

Time to start replacing the temporary Peco flex track with the permanent hand laid code 40.  Once you get the hang of it, scratch built turnouts aren’t that hard to do.  They also give you more flexibility in terms of shape, cost less, and are ultimately more reliable.  I started by photo copying some Peco…

Brooklyn Terminal Oct. 27

As work progresses on the Brooklyn Terminal Warehouses the overall look of the layout begins to take shape.  For the most part the layout represents the old Bush Terminal’s 1st Avenue corridor in Brooklyn.        

BT Warehouses October 21, 2018


BT Warehouses

One of the signature features of the Brooklyn waterfront are the massive, often identical, warehouses lined up side by side.  Many still stand today and have been upgraded for commercial space.   Walthers Hardwood Furniture kits are a plausible fit for the warehouses.  I’ll do some light kitbashing, including adding elevator towers, to make them…

American Can October 5

    The brick shipping structure associated with American Can was just too uniform in color.  It needed “something”.  First up I painted the window sills concrete which makes a much bigger difference than you’d expect. Second, I decided to add a logo band across the top.  Making your own decals can be a dicey…