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Scene Composition – Front to Back Spacing

Recently David, one of my blog followers, wrote to ask how deep my foreground structures were (six inches to get to the point).  David’s question made me realize that the spacing in the above photo is something I gave an enormous amount of thought to but never really wrote about.  In terms of composition, the…

Pulling the Brooklyn Plan Together

  Despite its relatively small size, planning the Brooklyn layout has taken a fair amount of time.  I’ve been balancing the often competing goals of capturing the sense of the area while at the same time keeping the overall scope from getting out of control.  Urban modeling takes a lot of time to pull together…

Quick Fixes for N Scale Rolling Stock

  Work on the Brooklyn N scale layout begins with a step back to refresh my N scale skills and get back up to speed. High on the list is improving the appearance of rolling stock without making each project a months long effort. Challenges with N scale rolling stock include: excess height to accommodate…

Cuba Tropical Produce 11/26/17

Decent progress on the CTP structure this week.  Only in Miami would somebody go up on the roof and paint the shingles light blue!


I’ve always felt that the old modeler’s adage of “no detail is better than a bad detail” made sense.  If we need a specific detailed part, and the only thing on the market is a crude soap carving, you’re better off omitting the detail as opposed to trying to represent it with an unsightly placeholder….