Category: Construction

Brooklyn Terminal June 30

The code 40 turnouts leading into the yard and those making up the yard ladder are now in place. Not visible beneath the bench work are the switch machines and frog juicers. The track at the top of the photo is temporary Peco which I’m gradually replacing with hand laid code 40.

Building the Yard. June 16

In a way it’s much easier to scratch build turnouts in groups. You tend to get into a groove after the first one, and progress is much quicker. The four I need for the yard are now done (code 40, number 6’s). I did an article on the subject in the November 2011 issue of…

Brooklyn Terminal May 25

Back to work on the N scale Brooklyn Terminal layout. Currently on the docket is finishing the three large dockside warehouses. Lots of windows! As I was wrapping up last night I noticed the interesting lighting effect cast off by the overhead halogen track lights which lead to the image above. Smart phone camera’s convey…

First Coast of Miami, Final

The First Coast structure is now in the bag. Photos can pick up errors the naked eye can’t. After looking at my previous construction shots it was apparent that I’d made the electrical conduits too large of a diameter so I needed to go back and replace those. One of the more effective illusions of…

First Coast April 28

I was able to get most of the First Coast structure done this weekend. Still remaining are the loading platform to the right and the foreground pavement.