Category: Realism

Skill vs. Decision Making

Creating an eye-catching model of UP’s Anaheim Yard has less to do with skill than effective decision making. That being the case, doing so is within reach for even entry-level modelers. A world-class musician?  Pure skill.  A PGA golfer?  Pure skill.   Artists such as Vermeer and Hopper?  The same.  Exceptional model railroading results?  Not so […]

Exaggerating the Ordinary

In August of last year I wrote a post on the topic of caricature, caricature being defined as an artistic style leaning towards the exaggeration of features. In model railroading terms it’s an orientation that focuses more on fantasy and whimsy. Styles fall on a spectrum with modelers spread out among various approaches depending on […]

Color Management

The challenge of having so much information instantly at our fingertips is, that when something particularly insightful is written, it can get lost in the background noise. There is no element of modeling that contributes more to visual impact and plausibility than nailing the colors. To that end, Tony Koester’s editorial on color strategy in […]