Empasizing A Subject via Contrast

The Jack Delano photo above is an example of using contrast to emphasize a subject. Note how the white skyscraper stands out from its neighbors. Also notice that the neighboring structures are fairly similar in color. All of the hues are plausible. A key concept in art theory is that of directing the viewer’s eye, […]

Color Layers & Color Spectrum

It’s safe to say I’ll never be accused of being a cultured art critic.  That aside, in the last year I’ve had the chance to visit some of the more notable art museums on the east coast and attended a number of art festivals.  The difference in a painting done by one of history’s masters […]

Foreground Composition

One of the great planning fall backs is, when stuck, just copy the prototype.  I’d been struggling with one aspect of composing the foreground structures.  Specifically, if I put a row of foreground structures end to end on 50th street it would be difficult to see the background structures.  The solution?  Remove every other foreground […]

Urban Backdrop Transitions

The transition from layout to backdrop is dicey even under the best of circumstances.  Moving from a three dimensional flat layout surface to a two dimensional backdrop surface perpendicular to the eye, typically leaves the viewer with the subconscious nagging that “this just isn’t real”.  If we are lucky we model a rural area and can […]