Indian Matchmaking & Layout Design

One evening, a few weeks ago, I was melting into my couch and surfing Netflix. Scroll, scroll, scroll, nothing.  Essentially what I was looking for was something short, borderline entertaining, and took minimal neurons to process. In other words, trashy but not too trashy.  Up comes the series “Indian Matchmaking”.  Okay, nobody will know, I’ll […]

The Caricature Pendulum

In August I wrote about the caricature trap, caricature being a treatment that has an “amped up”, contrived, “model railroady” look to it. There’s no shame in that… long as it’s intentional….as long as it something you enjoy looking at. Often though it’s not intentional, and that’s where it’s time to take a pause and […]

Dogs and Tennis Balls

Most modern industrial parks only have a few industries. Of those, typically the same one or two are consistently worked on a weekly basis. Take a golden retriever or German shepherd to the park and fling a tennis ball across the field and you will have one ecstatic dog.  They’ll chase that slobbery sphere endlessly […]

Digital vs. Print

It seems like yesterday when the internet launched and was quickly followed by the meteoric rise of The old timers in the group may remember that Amazon started out in a books only format. With stunning speed, brick and mortar bookstores dropped like flies. Like many, I really thought they were toast forever. A […]

The Cost of Participation

Today, a somewhat pointless observation, but an observation nonetheless. In recent years I’ve noticed how little money I spend on the hobby. The amount of time I spend modeling is the same as ever, it’s just the cost has become negligible. It’s not an ideal reality but the cost of entry to model railroading is […]