Choreographing Your Own Show

Designing A Solo Running Session For Maximum Satisfaction The Tradepoint Atlantic crew talks things out on the radio before performing the next move. The concept of semantics is interesting from the standpoint that two words, theoretically meaning the same thing, can evoke such different emotional responses. If I said, “Come on over. Let’s run some […]

Decision Making

In his book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell takes a deep dive into decision-making at both individual and organizational levels.  He examines split-second decisions that must be made in the “blink of an eye” as well as longer-term planning.  The question becomes, is there a relationship between the amount of time spent making a decision and the […]

Color Management

The challenge of having so much information instantly at our fingertips is, that when something particularly insightful is written, it can get lost in the background noise. There is no element of modeling that contributes more to visual impact and plausibility than nailing the colors. To that end, Tony Koester’s editorial on color strategy in […]

A Publishing Pivot?

A possible cover for my next book. This scene doesn’t exist in reality, it’s photoshopped. Thanks to everybody that took the time to read my recent blog, “Miami’s Other Shortline”. I also appreciate the feedback received. I need to come clean though, the piece was total fiction. The railroad in the article doesn’t exist. It […]