Choreographing Your Own Show

Designing A Solo Running Session For Maximum Satisfaction The Tradepoint Atlantic crew talks things out on the radio before performing the next move. The concept of semantics is interesting from the standpoint that two words, theoretically meaning the same thing, can evoke such different emotional responses. If I said, “Come on over. Let’s run some […]

Car Forwarding Systems

The Fish Market Seafood Restaurant on East Rail 2 I’ve been hearing a lot lately about carforwarding systems and paperwork. How should the movements be designed? Dice? Computer? Other? What type of paperwork should I use? Prototypical? Car cards? Waybills? Other? Let’s break it down. It depends on the size of your layout and whether […]

The “East Rail” Name

It’s February 15, 2006 at the “East Rail” industrial park (looking southward). Looking at the tracks to the right we have (back to front): No. 1 Main (back), No. 2 Main(middle), and the “East Rail” siding (foreground) . East Rail got its name by virtue of being “East” of the double track main. At the […]

Downtown Spur Op. Session

There is probably no person on earth that knows the nitty gritty details of CSX operations in Miami more than Tolga Erbora. It was a pleasure to have him run a one person operation session of the layout during the Mid-Atlantic RPM open house. He documented everything on video which you can watch HERE. His […]