Multi-deck Layouts

Well over half of the individuals who contact me state that they want a multi-deck layout. The idea of doubling the size of the potential railroad seems like a silver bullet. The decision as to design configuration is neither good nor bad IF you know exactly what the pros and concerns are. That’s my concern. […]

COD Seafood

The completed COD Seafood structure model on East Rail 2. Sitting at the entrance to the real East Rail industrial is the COD Seafood Restaurant. How they came up with that name I have no clue. When I fly into Miami, I grab a rental car, make the short drive up 37th Avenue, and grab […]

Decision Making

In his book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell takes a deep dive into decision-making at both individual and organizational levels.  He examines split-second decisions that must be made in the “blink of an eye” as well as longer-term planning.  The question becomes, is there a relationship between the amount of time spent making a decision and the […]

Color Management

The challenge of having so much information instantly at our fingertips is, that when something particularly insightful is written, it can get lost in the background noise. There is no element of modeling that contributes more to visual impact and plausibility than nailing the colors. To that end, Tony Koester’s editorial on color strategy in […]