Organizing Wire


When it comes to wiring, you can make your life infinitely easier if you stick to a plan of neatness and organization.  Doing so will make all components of your system readily identifiable at a glance, make your system more reliable, and also make any necessary troubleshooting easier. To the extent you can, try to incorporate the following practices into your layout wiring system:

  • Maintain consistent color coding of wiring.  I prefer red/green for track power and blue/white for accessories.  The colors don’t matter as long as you are consistent.
  • Neatly route your wire runs
  • Where appropriate, cluster your wire with nylon cable ties
  • Tack your wire runs neatly down with a cable tacker


Sticking to a program of neatness and organization with your wiring will make life easier down the road.


Nylon cable ties (left) and cable tackers (right) make it a snap to keep your cable runs neat.  Both items are available at Home Depot.


Try to keep your cable runs straight and organized.  Tack all wiring up under the layout with a cable tacker.