August 27, 2017

  Yesterday I got a new wireless throttle in the mail for use with my EasyDCC system, a T5000 to be specific.  Love it.  I decided to put it through the paces by setting up an op. session.  The LAJ layout will probably accommodate somewhere between ten and twelve corn syrup tank cars.  Right now […]

Sweetener Products

  Now that the LAJ layout is essentially done, I’m circling back and re-shooting some of the photos.  The Sweetener Products “back alley” is shown above.  A larger format version can be seen/downloaded on my Flickr page.  Realistically, a facility like this would probably have a slightly more modern look.  I wanted to leave the […]

One turnout, two years of satisfaction and going strong

  I’ve never been one for artificially designing  un-realistic switching nightmares into a track plan.  The prototype offers up enough to keep you thinking as is and does so with relatively little track. Switching Sweetener Products is challenging on a few fronts.  First, this is a car spot driven industry.  Each tank car contains a […]