Crossing District Blvd.

I’ve always loved the mood and look created by the long shadows of late afternoon as well as the vivid colors you get on a cloudless day.  Compared to some of my other shots, this one was a little easier to get the equipment positioned since it was taken at the end corner of the layout.  I put my Canon Rebel on a tripod and dropped the viewing height to street level.  The overhead 3200K LED strip lights help with fill lighting.  The “sun” was a single Tota Light positioned to my right and sort of facing the camera.  Moving the light about six feet from the model gave me the shadows I wanted without frying everything.  Five exposures were taken and run through Helicon Focus.  The sky was a shot taken mid day on my trip to Cape Cod last month.  Corel Knockout2 was used to remove the background and crop in the more vivid blue sky photo in back.  A little pecking away with the clone tool to remove a few artifacts here and there and that was it.  A larger format version is on my Flickr site.