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Scene Composition – Front to Back Spacing

Recently David, one of my blog followers, wrote to ask how deep my foreground structures were (six inches to get to the point).  David’s question made me realize that the spacing in the above photo is something I gave an enormous amount of thought to but never really wrote about.  In terms of composition, the…

LAJ Video

I always look forward to the LAJ videos put out by Los Angeles Rail Productions.  For those that share my interest in the LAJ, check out his excellent video from January.  Link HERE.  He shot this in HD so treat yourself to watching it in full screen.  Some things that jumped out at me: -At…

4300 District Blvd. – Front Entrance


Sunset on District Blvd.

Alco Article

I have an article in the April 2018 issue of RMC on modeling a LAJ Alco S-2.