LAJ Video

I always look forward to the LAJ videos put out by Los Angeles Rail Productions.  For those that share my interest in the LAJ, check out his excellent video from January.  Link HERE.  He shot this in HD so treat yourself to watching it in full screen.  Some things that jumped out at me: -At […]

Brooklyn Terminal 4/15/18

This weekend’s activities involved getting some more structure mock ups on the layout.  I also kept most of the structures from my old Monon layout and they’re serving as hand stand ins for now.   Everything is up and fully operational at this point.  The plan is to operate it for a few months and then […]


The timeless 80/20 rule, model railroad planning is not immune. All too often we have our 80/20 priorities backwards.  We spend eighty per cent of our time wringing our hands over what I would consider more tactical issues and only twenty per cent on the much more important strategic questions.  What curve radius to employ, […]

Dealing with Oversize N Scale Track

The oversize appearance of N scale rail is an issue visually, particularly in photographs.  Actually, the oversize nature of many N scale components is a visual issue but for today let’s focus on the rail. With track appearance you are dealing with two components that really stand out if they are oversize, the rail web […]

Brooklyn Terminal 4/7/18

N scale.  N scale steam.  Short wheelbase N scale steam.  Tight radius street trackage.  What could go wrong!?  Actually things on the Brooklyn Terminal are going fairly well.  However, if I’ve learned one thing in my forty plus years of modeling it’s this.  It is really, really important, to get something running as soon as […]