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New Design Blog Posting

I’ve just posted a new layout design blog on my business site HERE. For reasons that are understandable, many assume that I’m an advocate of small, switching layouts.  That’s not really true.  I’m actually  more of a proponent of layouts that are simple enough to build (and yet still interesting)  that  those on the sidelines…

Preparing Your Layout Room

I recently posted a blog about Layout Room Preparation Tips on my business site HERE. Preparing Your Train Room

Choosing Your Industries

Realism is enhanced when we model industry types that are found with the most frequency. Clockwise from upper left: LPG, scrap metal,team, plastics or warehouse. Over time, our brain subconsciously registers the most commonly found rail side features whether it be through photos or personal railfanning experience.  It expects to see certain elements in certain…

New Design Blog

Wrote layout design blog entry on making design features “Pay Their Freight” on my business site. Making Model Railroad Design Features “Pay Their Freight”

The Flat Earth Society

The riser construction on this grade intensive commercial project was fairly involved.  Was the play value worth it?   If you look at my layout designs, you’ll notice that the vast majority of them have totally flat, grade free, track profiles.  I’ll insert vertical scenery elements above and below track level but the right of…