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Code 40 Track and Turnouts

When adopting standards that are going to be fairly time intensive to implement, it’s always good to think through your motivation before investing significant amounts of time.  There should be at least a rough correlation between the agony behind adopting said standards and the payoff.  Ego or a manhood measuring stick doesn’t constitute a good…

Track Planning Based on Op. Session Length

Certainly, there are many reasons to feature rail served industries on a layout beyond the operational aspect.  If you’re modeling a section of a specific prototype, and the industry is there, you’d probably want to include it on your layout just to be accurate.  You’d do so whether you care about operations or not.  If…

Brooklyn Terminal October 29

Time to start replacing the temporary Peco flex track with the permanent hand laid code 40.  Once you get the hang of it, scratch built turnouts aren’t that hard to do.  They also give you more flexibility in terms of shape, cost less, and are ultimately more reliable.  I started by photo copying some Peco…

Brooklyn Terminal Oct. 27

As work progresses on the Brooklyn Terminal Warehouses the overall look of the layout begins to take shape.  For the most part the layout represents the old Bush Terminal’s 1st Avenue corridor in Brooklyn.        

BT Warehouses October 21, 2018