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Brooklyn Terminal Sept. 5

The yard and apron area are loosely (very loosely!) based on Bay Ridge and Bush Terminal facilities. Since the last report: added utility poles, coal bin, yard office, tree line to the left, and a water column. Except for a shed and some loose details this is getting pretty close to being a finished scene….

Brooklyn Terminal August 27

One of the more challenging aspects of this project is realistically modeling the street track. Brooklyn still has a lot of the signature Belgian block in place so I drove up there, took some photos from as high as I could get, and cobbled together some images in photoshop to use as photo laminates. Doing…

Brooklyn Terminal Aug. 19

With the design book finished and submitted to Kalmbach, it’s back to your regularly scheduled programming. Next on the docket is finishing the Belgian block wallpaper overlays on the street trackage. This gets particularly dicey at the double turnouts. The first step is to photocopy one of the turnouts and cut the pieces out to…

Brooklyn Terminal 5/31

Using photos from the Flagg books as a guide, I got the grass layer down this week.

Brooklyn Terminal May 12

Tom Flagg’s New York Harbor books are a virtual goldmine of ideas. It seems every time I go through them I notice something else. Helping the cause is the outstanding print quality Morning Sun Books brings to the effort. The images are so razor sharp they can be scanned and used for modeling. A few…