Is It Worth It?

Converted to N scale, my East Rail layout would tuck easily into a wardrobe closet   A few days ago, I received an email from Blake B.,  one of my blog followers, with the subject line above. “Is It Worth It?”.   In the body of the text he elaborated, “ The new condo I moved […]

A Gift to Yourself

The ultimate modeling gift to yourself?  Something that, if embraced, will allow you to be transported into the miniature world you are working so hard to artfully frame?  Three of them are only $12.65. Click HERE. The article below shows how to use them.

Advanced Beginners. The Underserved, Invisible Modeling Class

  Profiling.  Demographics,  Sociology.  Touchy subjects at times depending on the context.  Applied with good, or at least benign, intentions however, classifying people into categories can be beneficial both to the individuals being grouped as well as those that are serving them.  A major factor in the usefulness of all of this data is how […]

Better Pavement

The intersection of District Blvd. and South Everett Avenue.   When I start a new layout I pick out a few modeling skills I’d like to improve upon.  Since pavement is such a dominant player in urban modeling, it was at the top of my list for the LAJ project.  While the painted roads in […]