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Miami Taxi Meter Jan. 1

Miami Taxi Meter (or whatever the name of the business actually is) isn’t just one building but a small complex of non-descript, low lying masonry structures. Over the past week I finished the masonry storage building above. I’ve uploaded the photo wallpaper of this model into the how to section on…well…photo wallpaper for others to…

Where Does the Time Go?

In the above video clip, The Downtown Spur job works Miami Iron and Metal. Let’s take a pause in our day (pun intended) and talk about switching operations. Looking at a crew’s shift, where does the bulk of the time go? Moving cars? Nope? Travel time? A little but not that much. Where then? Last…

Miami Taxi Meter Dec. 23

The primary Miami Taxi Meter building is now done. Atlas’ hairpin fencing worked out very well for the window security bars. I uploaded the roofing file to the photo wallpaper section if anybody wants to use it. I think it’s safe to say that the prototype was never nominated for any architectural awards! It’s certainly…

If Walls Could Talk

Located at the corner of 38th Avenue and 36th Street in Miami is (or was, may it RIP) one of the most non-descript, utterly forgettable structures one could image, Miami Taxi Meter (one of numerous businesses located there over the years). It’s not something that would spring to mind when picking a subject to model….

Second Time’s A Charm

The new CSX main with concrete ties is now down, replacing the old cruddy effort. Much better! I used the color technique outlined HERE in my how to section. The turnout is a heavily modified and detailed Atlas product soldered into the diverging position for reliability.