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Wrote layout design blog entry on making design features “Pay Their Freight” on my business site. Making Model Railroad Design Features “Pay Their Freight”

The Flat Earth Society

The riser construction on this grade intensive commercial project was fairly involved.  Was the play value worth it?   If you look at my layout designs, you’ll notice that the vast majority of them have totally flat, grade free, track profiles.  I’ll insert vertical scenery elements above and below track level but the right of…

N Scale Tips

Added a post on optimizing performance of N scale equipment on my business blog HERE. or, if you’re browser doesn’t like that link, try this:

Layout Planning, Covering All of the Bases

Posted a blog on layout planning on my business site HERE.   Or if you prefer the URL:

Double Deck Layouts

Added blog on double deck layout design considerations at my business site. Click HERE.   Or, if that doesn’t work, cut and paste: