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Should A Layout Ever Be “Finished”?

Wrote a blog on this subject on my business site HERE.

Time Driven Layout Design

Added a post on my business site discussing the importance of letting time-related considerations drive your layout design.

The Quest For “Perfect” Research

As prototype modelers a large part of our job, and a fun part at that, is researching our prototype.  Although there are a variety of sources for trying to pin down the elusive clue as to what the “typical” situation was in the area we model, by and large we are totally dependent upon photos….

Background Flats

Background flats can be challenging from the standpoint that they are frequently needed as part of the layout to backdrop transition but are also so easy to botch.  If not handled carefully they can be real scene busters and literally scream that you are looking at a model railroad.  A few slights of hand make them…

Is It Worth It?

Converted to N scale, my East Rail layout would tuck easily into a wardrobe closet   A few days ago, I received an email from Blake B.,  one of my blog followers, with the subject line above. “Is It Worth It?”.   In the body of the text he elaborated, “ The new condo I moved…