Monthly archives: November, 2017

Throwback Tuesday

When I first started researching the Downtown Spur, I made a point of capturing as many of the Bing Birdseye images as I could.  I’m glad I did because, as far as I know, Bing doesn’t archive their photos and they are now gone forever.  I thought it would be fun to go back and…

Cuba Tropical Produce 11/26/17

Decent progress on the CTP structure this week.  Only in Miami would somebody go up on the roof and paint the shingles light blue!

Cuba Tropical Produce

While my focus over the past two years was on building the LAJ layout, my “main” model railroad continues to be the Downtown Spur.  Although I haven’t added anything to it in a few years, I have maintained it and operate on it regularly.  With the LAJ now done, and a Brooklyn N scale layout…

Rail Gaps and Rail Joiners

For my “novice modeler” readers I just posted a blog on my business site on dealing with rail gaps and rail joiners.  You can read it HERE

Hitting The Artistic Sweetspot

    Often, when I tell other modelers that I’ve just made a photography trip to Allapattah (Miami) or Vernon (LA), the immediate response is, “Wow, you’re brave.  Weren’t you afraid of being mugged?”.  Let’s get one thing straight up front, I’m not brave!  But no, I can’t say I’ve ever felt even remotely threatened. …