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Figures 11/8/17

Following my last post on figures, UK modeler Steve J. wrote: “regarding figures – have you seen the work of ModelU? Based over here in the UK , they use a 3d scanner and printer to accurately create realistic figures. Many have been done from preserved railways and of you catch them at a how…


I’ve always felt that the old modeler’s adage of “no detail is better than a bad detail” made sense.  If we need a specific detailed part, and the only thing on the market is a crude soap carving, you’re better off omitting the detail as opposed to trying to represent it with an unsightly placeholder….

Number 3 Crossing District Blvd.

My immersion in model railroading is largely a selfish pursuit.  I like getting compliments as much as the next person but my drive is primarily internal, a desire to create images that give me pleasure to look at, to create scenes that I enjoy operating, experiencing,  and interacting with.   As modelers we have an advantage…