MR Video Plus Shoot

Kent and Ben from Model Railroader Video Plus were here much of the day shooting The Downtown Spur.  Look for the finished copy early next year.  Two great guys and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  It is so rewarding and eye opening to see your work documented from perspective, angles, and via media we aren’t accustomed to.  I […]

Modeling From A Suitcase

From time to time I get emails from active duty military along the lines of “Can’t wait to get back stateside so I can start model railroading”.   Variations on this theme are,  I can’t wait until: I’m out of college, have a house, don’t travel so much etc.   Been there, done that. Such a mindset, […]

How To Play With Trains

One of my more popular past blogs was “How To Play With Trains” which I posted September 30, 2012.  This has now been transferred over to the new site.  An abridged version can be found on the Railroad Model Craftsman website.  All blog entries up to 2012 have now been edited, cleaned up, and moved over. Slowly […]

Wireless Headphone Sound

For this week’s post I’ve completely edited and added new graphics for my past blog entries on wireless headphone sound and archived it in the “How To” section.