Monthly archives: October, 2015

Wireless Headphone Sound

For this week’s post I’ve completely edited and added new graphics for my past blog entries on wireless headphone sound and archived it in the “How To” section.

Working Successfully with Structures

Exercise self restraint when purchasing structures.  Determine what you need and only then start the purchasing process.  Avoid the natural tendency to randomly “buy and plop”.   Incorporating structures into your layout in a way that works visually involves a little more than “buying and plopping”.   Some things to consider……………… Color:  Color and weathering drives…

Federal Cold Storage

I put the wrap on Federal Cold Storage to be placed in the crook of the “L” on the LAJ layout (the corner if you will).  Getting the first structure under my belt gives me some momentum.  Built to the “reasonable representation” standard it wasn’t intended to be an exact replica of the prototype. Walthers…

More Blog Transfers

I’ve just finished transferring over two more blogs from the old site, Sept. 9, 2012 and Sept. 11, 2012.  Both are on brakes.  Always worth a refresher for all of us.

Creating A Color Vintage Skyline

Backdrop image of San Diego skyline circa 1955   My most recently completed commercial project is an N scale, proto freelanced, SP project set in San Diego in the 1950’s.   It was important to my customer and friend Jim that we create at least a reasonable representation of the San Diego skyline IN COLOR…