A Publishing Pivot?

A possible cover for my next book. This scene doesn’t exist in reality, it’s photoshopped. Thanks to everybody that took the time to read my recent blog, “Miami’s Other Shortline”. I also appreciate the feedback received. I need to come clean though, the piece was total fiction. The railroad in the article doesn’t exist. It […]

A New Podcast

I was honored to be a guest on my buddy Ray Arnot’s latest “Around The Layout” podcast. Always a fun time! You can listen to it HERE. For a full listing of all of Ray’s Podcasts visit his site HERE.

It’s About Access

Looking east down 22nd Street on my Downtown Spur layout. The layout is located in an eighteen by eighteen foot room and has thirteen turnouts. Switching layouts and moderate-size branch line railroads aren’t about “settling”.  They aren’t the sole province of the space-deprived or financially strapped. They’re about access.  They provide an easy entry portal […]

Attitude and Approach

Ben Sullivan stands in front of his masterful rendition of the Georgetown Branch’s Rock Creek Viaduct. Results like this come from being in the game long term, making mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward. Attitude and approach to the hobby goes a long way. The last two weekends were particularly enjoyable for me, both […]

If you can’t stand the heat….

One of my earliest efforts, “8 Track Plans For a Spare Room” got panned by reviewers. With the detachment that comes with time, I consider the plans within it some of my better lifetime designs. Go figure. “If you can’t stand the heat…..then get out of the oven”.  It’s a good adage to keep in […]