Sight Lines

My new, and long awaited, view block to control sight lines when walking into the layout room. The layout room environment matters and it matters a lot. A big part of that relates to sight lines. By that I mean what you see as you stand in the room and take the layout in. Of […]

Defining Model Railroad Design Success

A pair of boxcars sit in front of A-1 Farmers Choice on the switchback segment of my Downtown Spur layout. A successful model railroad design is one that provides a platform for several hours a week of relaxing hobby time…recreational time… time.  It doesn’t really matter how those minutes or hours are spent.  If there […]

The “Finished Layout” Landmine

The mid-morning sun washes over Florida Bottling on The Downtown Spur layout. A landmine is something you didn’t see coming (but could have), step on, and then suffer the consequences.  To that extent it’s not the same as being subjected to some totally random negative event.  If you know you’re entering a mine field, you […]