A View Down the Canal

It’s been a long time coming, but here’s a view down the canal on my new East Rail replica layout. I’ve tried hard to keep the flavor of the old one while, at the same time, making some subtle improvements. Here’s the same shot on the old layout taken in 2009. Steel structures are relatively […]

East Rail 2. Weeks Gas Scene

Weeks Gas stands at the entry point into the East Rail industrial park so it’s a key visual element. Shown above is the finished scene on the layout. You’re standing at the edge of 37th Avenue facing NW. The structure itself is pretty basic so I modeled it out of styrene using conventional means. The […]

Defining Model Railroad Design Success

A pair of boxcars sit in front of A-1 Farmers Choice on the switchback segment of my Downtown Spur layout. A successful model railroad design is one that provides a platform for several hours a week of relaxing hobby time…recreational time…..fun time.  It doesn’t really matter how those minutes or hours are spent.  If there […]