Finally, Some Water!

I wanted to get one of the water scenes in as it takes away some of the guesswork as to what the overall composition is supposed to be.  Aerials indicate the bay is essentially a teal hue which I created using a 50/50 mix of blue and green acrylic craft paints.  When that dried, I […]

Code 40 Track and Turnouts

When adopting standards that are going to be fairly time intensive to implement, it’s always good to think through your motivation before investing significant amounts of time.  There should be at least a rough correlation between the agony behind adopting said standards and the payoff.  Ego or a manhood measuring stick doesn’t constitute a good […]

Track Planning Based on Op. Session Length

Certainly, there are many reasons to feature rail served industries on a layout beyond the operational aspect.  If you’re modeling a section of a specific prototype, and the industry is there, you’d probably want to include it on your layout just to be accurate.  You’d do so whether you care about operations or not.  If […]

Brooklyn Terminal Nov. 2

  With the warehouses taking shape, I decided to see how things played out with a mini op. session involving moving cars over from the yard and spotting them in the warehouse district.  I didn’t time it but it sure seemed to “take quite awhile”.  A reader recently asked me how many cars were on […]