Brooklyn Terminal Nov. 2


With the warehouses taking shape, I decided to see how things played out with a mini op. session involving moving cars over from the yard and spotting them in the warehouse district.  I didn’t time it but it sure seemed to “take quite awhile”.  A reader recently asked me how many cars were on the layout.  At this point, only thirteen.  The float holds twelve.  That car count can be misleading as it doesn’t take many to keep you pretty busy.  My guess is that anything more than twenty cars on the layout and things are going to start getting too crowded.  Studying the scene composition I decided to move the warehouses down a bit and add a team track at the end of the layout.

View of the warehouses and new team track showing what they look like when they are actually being rail served.
A view of the new team track.
Looking at the warehouses from the bay showing cars spotted at the respective doors.