Problem solved!  Thanks so much to my blog readers.  You guys are great! The pub. in question was the December 1976 issue of “Railroad Modeler” magazine.  Never in a million years would I have found that on my own. _________________________________ In the late 1970’s an excellent article on the Los Angeles Junction Ry. appeared in […]

Threading the Eye of the Needle

In his must-read piece, “11 Lessons Learned” in the April issue of MR, Tony Koester writes “One huge lesson gleaned from even a cursory review of the V&O was to model the ordinary.  It’s all too easy to compile a list of eye-catching prototypes to model, and the inevitable result is that everything competes to […]

New Blog on Business Site

I just posted a new blog entry on my business site, “The Three Functions of Track on a Model Railroad“.  Something to consider for those wrestling with the design of their next layout.

March 13, 2017

A Day of Photography   I had a lazy Sunday available to me yesterday so I decided to spend it puttering around with some photography on the LAJ.  Getting a good shot generally takes me the better part of a day.  I prefer low angle photos that give the appearance of late afternoon with its […]

LAJ 3/5/17

In my last post, I discussed some thoughts on scene composition and, as part of that write-up, the importance of non-descript “framing structures” to surround a focal point structure.   On my LAJ railroad, May-Vern Liquor is the focal point of the layout as you enter the room.  Just to the right of it is […]