Gloss Doesn’t Scale Down

We can’t solve a problem if we aren’t aware of its existence. One appealing aspect of railroading is the sheer, awesome, mass of our subject matter.   Prototype rolling stock is huge and the challenge as a modeler is finding a way to capture that in miniature.   A very, very subtle modeling problem that […]

High Horsepower Locals

One of my blog followers, a prototype “railroader”, sent me the following note: “I’ve noticed that when I see models of locals they tend to always have a 4-axle diesel or two as power. On my district it’s common to see 2 or 3 six-axle units on locals and even as yard switchers. The ever-popular […]

Real Time Operations

Click thumbnail to view video Thanks to blog follower Justin for forwarding the link to this great YouTube video of CSX local D700 switching Standale Lumber in Grandville, MI.  What struck me is that this entire sequence could be modeled in real time.   The clip is roughly twenty minutes long.  You could inch through the […]

The Flat Earth Society

The riser construction on this grade intensive commercial project was fairly involved.  Was the play value worth it?   If you look at my layout designs, you’ll notice that the vast majority of them have totally flat, grade free, track profiles.  I’ll insert vertical scenery elements above and below track level but the right of […]