High Horsepower Locals

One of my blog followers, a prototype “railroader”, sent me the following note:

“I’ve noticed that when I see models of locals they tend to always have a 4-axle diesel or two as power. On my district it’s common to see 2 or 3 six-axle units on locals and even as yard switchers. The ever-popular NS Heritage units have been used on locals and yard jobs. Local P30 is a Winston-Salem NC to Greensboro, NC turn job. The reason for having 3 units on this job is due to the amount of “overhead” cars being transferred from North Winston Yard in Winston-Salem to Pomona Yard in Greensboro. The head-end cars on the train known as “shorts”, are blocked for local industries on P30’s route.

Below is a video I shot prior to my employment with NS of local P30 working the Triad Lead in Colfax NC. This industrial spur has currently 3 active customers although there are more out-of-service sidings present. It also features a run-around. Boise Cascade receives centerbeam flats of lumber and is the most active. O’Neal Steel just recently began receiving gondolas and bulkhead flats of steel. In order to service O’Neal, the run-around has to be utilized. The least active is Box Board Products. I relieved P30 one afternoon a year ago and my work order showed a single boxcar to spot at Box Board.

On this day in 2008, the crew was retrieving an empty centerbeam flat from Boise. The only grade crossing on this lead lacks flashers and has to be flagged by a crewmember. Two Dash 9’s and an SD70M serve as power. ”
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