Sweetener Products 2-27

I finally finished up the Sweetener Products corn syrup structure.  Once I decide on the foreground composition I’ll add the unloading hoses and piping.  The image originals that I wanted to use for the photo wallpaper contained no doors, somewhat unrealistic for this application.  One of the more involved aspects of the photo editing was […]

Tank Car Unloading

When you think about it, those YouTube viewing preference “suggestions” are a little scary.  For example, you might want to take a hard look at your life path if you get a YouTube note that reads, “based on your past viewing experience you might like the suggested videos on (take your pick), joining ISIS, aborigine […]

Simulating Metal Surfaces

My attention of late has been on the Sweetener Products structure.  One of the signature features of corn syrup facilities is the preponderance of metallic vents and piping.  The question then becomes, how do you make plastic look like metal? Simply using silver paint, even traditional paints labeled as metallics, won’t work.  They’re far too grainy and […]

Sweetener Products (February 13)

The next project is the structure for my largest industry, Sweetener Products.  I’m doing a bit of a prototype stretch here as the Sweetener Products facility is actually located on the UP a few miles away and in a different type of structure.  Call it plausible proto-freelancing.  Throughout the LAJ a distinctive feature of many […]