Sweetener Products (February 13)

The next project is the structure for my largest industry, Sweetener Products.  I’m doing a bit of a prototype stretch here as the Sweetener Products facility is actually located on the UP a few miles away and in a different type of structure.  Call it plausible proto-freelancing.  Throughout the LAJ a distinctive feature of many structures is curved walls that match the bends in surrounding tracks.  I wanted to emulate that.


I’ve found that when using .060″ styrene for larger scratch built structures, the plastic gets a little “wiggly” over time.  The cure lies in providing a hefty, stable core.  In this instance, I used half thick high-quality plywood cut to shape and sealed with shellac. After the core was done I cut the .060″ styrene veneer to shape and adhered it with Liquid Nails construction adhesive and ultra tiny brads.


In the photo above, the styrene veneer has been attached.  The roof and wall cap strips have been mounted, painted, and weathered.  Next up is the photo wallpaper.  It’s a lot easier to get the roof painting out of the way before adding the photo wallpaper.