Urban Backdrop Transitions

The transition from layout to backdrop is dicey even under the best of circumstances.  Moving from a three dimensional flat layout surface to a two dimensional backdrop surface perpendicular to the eye, typically leaves the viewer with the subconscious nagging that “this just isn’t real”.  If we are lucky we model a rural area and can […]

LAJ Prototype Map

Here’s a map of the prototype area I finally chose to use as the basis for the LAJ switching layout.  It took quite a few hours of (enjoyable) virtual rail fanning via Google Maps and Bing Maps to finally settle on a location.  I’m satisfied, however, that I’ve finally found an area that embodies the look […]

The Money Shot

  Since finishing the bench work for my LAJ switching layout I’ve been playing around with scene composition and a variety of design ideas.  Nothing really got me excited enough to commit.  The reality is that the vast majority of the modern day LAJ just doesn’t make for a compelling modeling subject.  Like much of […]