Panel Line Accents

Before posting a modeling technique, I look to see if it can meet two marks.  First, it must be simple enough that an entry level modeler (middle school student, recent retiree, etc.) can easily employ it.  Second, it must create a fair degree of visual impact.  Panel line accents meet both criteria.  Forcing shadows into the crevices […]

More Utilities

  After my last posting, I was contacted by Paul Cooledge who was kind enough to share with me his exceptional utility pole model above.  He explained his methods as follows: “I completed this scratch-built  1/87th scale model on March 4th as part of a Railroad-Line Forum challenge and thought that being a fellow utility pole enthusiast […]

Vertical Elements

  Each of us has a defined number of hours we can dedicate to the hobby.  That being the case, it makes sense to focus on things that provide not only the most enjoyment but the most visual impact as well.  Vertical elements, specifically utility poles, if well executed can really elevate the appearance of our scenes. […]


Decades ago I had a sales trainer that happened to be a former WWII battleship gunner.  He was emphatic in consistently making his point that we should practice our sales technique  BEFORE we were in front of a customer. He made the point at every session and then immediately drew the analogy to his days in […]

East 38th on YouTube

The magic of the internet….It didn’t take long for my blog followers to step up to the plate with more information on the East 38th Street prototype.  Thanks to Peter Hegan for letting my know the spur in question is called the Alameda Industrial Lead and pointing me to a YouTube video of some live […]