Vertical Elements



Each of us has a defined number of hours we can dedicate to the hobby.  That being the case, it makes sense to focus on things that provide not only the most enjoyment but the most visual impact as well.  Vertical elements, specifically utility poles, if well executed can really elevate the appearance of our scenes.  Our eye is trained to look for the ordinary, what it sees in abundance in the real world, and utility service falls within that realm.  Prototypical data is readily available and photos are simply a matter of walking outside.  In the photo above the poles are skewers picked up from the grocery store and stained with a dilute wash of Floquil Rail Brown.  The step down transformers are from the Atlas telephone pole product (#775) as are the insulators.  Selley also makes a nice transformer.  Three inch conduit is made from spring wire.  The only caveat I would add is that the wires themselves are almost impossible to model effectively and to that end I suggest leaving them off.