The “East Rail” Name

It’s February 15, 2006 at the “East Rail” industrial park (looking southward). Looking at the tracks to the right we have (back to front): No. 1 Main (back), No. 2 Main(middle), and the “East Rail” siding (foreground) . East Rail got its name by virtue of being “East” of the double track main. At the […]

Free Money

This is railroading and it’s happening now. Tolga Erbora caught FEC’s CIS local down in the dirt and earning revenue as it works OMNI Transload, a logistics warehouse in Miami. Subject: Model Railroad Layout Design Service It was over a decade ago when I sat in on a seminar at Cocoa Beach presented by the […]

FEC’s Commerce Park District

By Tolga Erbora Florida East Coast Railway Commerce Park Layout: The Real Deal One of the reasons Miami continues to be a popular destination for tourists and travelers is its close proximity to Latin America and its even closer proximity to the Caribbean.  Now, who else would figure out and work with such a geographic […]

The Gardens Lead – A Spur You Can Model

By Tolga Erbora CSX has shaken up their service plan in Hialeah, particularly for the Gardens Lead. Previously split between jobs Y220 and Y322, Y220 was abolished some time ago in favor of a remote control job, Y190. Also heard from time to time is an evening Y290.  I was out and about and from […]

East Rail Video

For fans of Miami’s East Rail, Tolga got some great video of the local getting ready to go about its work. Here’s the link:… Scroll to the 13:45 mark. The tanks are for Sentry, the boxes for Salco. He thinks the bulkheads are for the team track in the yard. Love the great audio […]