The “East Rail” Name

It’s February 15, 2006 at the “East Rail” industrial park (looking southward). Looking at the tracks to the right we have (back to front): No. 1 Main (back), No. 2 Main(middle), and the “East Rail” siding (foreground) . East Rail got its name by virtue of being “East” of the double track main. At the time this shot was taken, the crew had to shove a several block long cut of cars around a blind curve for spotting at The Seaboard Warehouse. Each car had to be spotted at a specific door so the engineer (in white shirt) was totally dependent upon radio communications from the conductor (orange shirt). Prior to the move, the engineer got out of the cab and the crew had a several minute long meeting to discuss the task at hand. Once the work started, they were probably five hundred yards apart and out of sight from one another. This is industrial railroading! When you’re switching your layout, take your time, sip your favorite beverage as you think through how you’re going to work things. The pros don’t roll in at 20 mph, hit the brakes, and slam cars around. This video will give you a sense for pacing…surgical precision starts at the 6:00 mark. (thanks Justin!)