Reliance Steel and Aluminum

The thing that can be maddening about web searching is that it’s all in the specific phrase we look under. A less-than-obvious search word can often turn up gems. For example, instead of searching for “Los Angeles Junction Railway” I went to one of the rail picture sites and searched by location, “Vernon, California” to be exact. (The LAJ operates largely in Vernon). One of the first images to jump up was a gem taken by Mark MacDougall of an LAJ switch job passing Reliance Steel and Aluminum (not rail served). I loved the color and textures but I couldn’t really see a way to incorporate it into what I’d done.

Then, a blinding glimpse of the obvious. All of the structures on my LAJ area easily removable. Why not just build the footprint to the same size as one of the other non-rail industries and plop it in place. Done! Look for a photo of this on the layout sometime in the future.