Color Management

The challenge of having so much information instantly at our fingertips is, that when something particularly insightful is written, it can get lost in the background noise. There is no element of modeling that contributes more to visual impact and plausibility than nailing the colors. To that end, Tony Koester’s editorial on color strategy in […]

The Caricature Pendulum

In August I wrote about the caricature trap, caricature being a treatment that has an “amped up”, contrived, “model railroady” look to it. There’s no shame in that… long as it’s intentional….as long as it something you enjoy looking at. Often though it’s not intentional, and that’s where it’s time to take a pause and […]

Floating Bench Work

The cleaner the presentation of our layout, the more buy-in we get from family members….and ourselves. Shown above is a “current status” photo of the East Rail layout showing its floating bench work. There’s nothing that complicated going on. The bench work itself is sixteen inches wide and comprised of hollow core door slabs (The […]