Tropical International

Tropical International was a large auto parts distribution warehouse next to SALCO. Although it wasn’t rail served, clearly at some point in the past a previous tenant did receive cars. A current check on the business shows that it’s now a Pep Boys distribution center.

The model is a combination of traditional styrene methods with photo wallpaper laminates used for the panels, windows, and doors.

I toyed with the idea of using traditional methods throughout but the need for capturing the logo accurately put me back to using photos. The security bars are from Tichy.

Here’s a few shots of the prototype facing directly to the west from 35th Avenue.

2 thoughts on “Tropical International”

  • It just dawned on me why my photo loading doors don;t look right. Its the shadows! Your open doors have a partial shadow like the sun is really shining on them. Just never dawned on me as to why mine just looked exactly what they were. Pasted on jpg’s. Gotta google search for better photos.

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