Another “One Turnout” Layout

Two boxcars sit at Family & Son, a foot products company in Miami, circa 2006. The two blue storage tanks in the foreground are for vegetable oil. This scene would be ideal for a small shelf layout and would provide a lot of operation fun as well. I’ve been doing more and more short “mini […]

Grab N Go Staging

This weekend’s project was adding another shelf for my open top staging. These are floating shelves with a 1 1/2″ trim strip on top to keep the cars from rolling off. Steve Jobs big thing was his obsession with ergonomics and the user experience. A lot of this is subtle. I find that if I […]

The 1300 Block of 22nd Street, NW

In preparation for my upcoming open house for the Mid-Atlantic RPM, I put on a little push to finish up the scene between 13th and 14th Avenues on The Downtown Spur/Miami layout. In the shot above you’re looking west/northwest. 22nd Street is in the foreground. Right to left we have: Global Snacks, Dade Tomato, and […]

For Sale: Brooklyn Layout

Three layouts in one house is too many! In an attempt to free up space I’d like to sell my N scale Brooklyn Terminal, N scale, layout if I can. It was the cover story in the October 2021 issue of MR. Please, only contact me if you would be willing to pick it up. […]