For Sale: Brooklyn Layout

Three layouts in one house is too many! In an attempt to free up space I’d like to sell my N scale Brooklyn Terminal, N scale, layout if I can. It was the cover story in the October 2021 issue of MR. Please, only contact me if you would be willing to pick it up. I’m in the Washington, DC area.

Cost: I’ll be considering any offers over $6,500 and will make a decision at the end of the month. Note, this is a very delicate, “fine scale”, model railroad that will require ongoing tuning and maintenance. Many of the turnouts are hand laid and are code 40. It is best suited for somebody with above average modeling skills or somebody that wants a visual art piece.

More photos on my Flickr page HERE.

At a glance:

Accepting bids in excess of $6500.

-Scale: N

-Size 5’6″ x 7’4″

-Track: hand laid code 40

-Turnout size: #4 and #6

-Minimum radius: 7 inches in street running zone. 14 inches elsewhere. Note that even average length four axle diesels will not negotiate a 7 inch curve. You’re looking at short wheelbase switchers only.

-Control system: NOT INCLUDED. You’ll need to tap your own dcc system into the bus.

-Turnout Throws: Manual

-Structures: Total of twenty, eight of which are totally scratch built or kitbashed.