The Spur, December 24th

Street to backdrop transitions are always a problem.  My idea for a forced perspective structure backdrop flat at the end of 13th Avenue didn’t really work visually.  The high rise apartment building was too much of a landmark to omit.  I re-traced my steps and  went to a more traditional photo backdrop. The edge of […]

The Spur, December 17

Urban scenery is much more time consuming to construct than its counterpart in mother nature.  Streets, sidewalks, lots, and utility poles generally are more time consuming to construct than the actual structures.  Shown above is the intersection of 13th Avenue and 23rd Street.  The recently completed Cuba Tropical Produce structure has been “planted” on the […]

Bush Terminal Scouting Report

  Sometime early next year I plan on starting on my next adventure, an N scale proto freelance Brooklyn layout, drawing heavy inspiration from the old Bush Terminal (Now NY NJ Rail).  I’ve found that no matter how many books you read, no matter how many photos you study, it’s hard to get a sense […]

Cuba Tropical Produce 12/8/17

  It took me more years than I would have liked but I’ve finally brought to a close a model of one of my favorite structures on the Spur.  Cuba Tropical Produce is now planted on 13th Avenue on the layout. Construction techniques were a combination of photo laminates and traditional styrene.  The siding, shingles […]