August 7, 1961

  Model railroading offers the choice of of experiencing our work through two lenses, the naked eye or the camera.  It’s the camera that opens up so many opportunities for interpretation, framing, and presentation. The image above is of my recently completed Atlas Alco S-2 shot crossing District Blvd. on the LAJ layout.  I used […]

41 Years Later……

I was 16 when I picked up the December 1976 issue of Railroad Modeler magazine from the local hobby store.  Inside was an article that would stay with me since.  Written in a unique style, was a piece on the Los Angeles Junction by Don Sims.  I was just riveted by the look of the […]

October 24, 2017

I’m starting to hit the home stretch with the Alco project.  Most of the weathering is done and about half of the gingerbread details are mounted.  Next up are the handrails and final details.  I use photographs such as this to look for areas that need weathering and color pattern touch ups (I see a […]

The Next Adventure

  With only one locomotive project remaining, work on the LAJ layout is drawing to a close.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been thinking a lot about “what’s next?”.  Honestly, I thought I’d drift and wallow for awhile  trying to find something that motivated me.  Ideas come from the strangest places.  I was tuning the […]

October 18, 2017

  I I feel like I’m finally turning the corner on the Alco project.  I knew going in the hardest part would be the striping, and it has been. The commercial products aren’t a match either in terms of the barricade angle or stripe width so a lot of extra time was spent working around […]