Monthly archives: July, 2017

Crystal Promotions

Watching videos of the LAJ on YouTube I’ve noticed that one of the favorite shooting locations for rail fans is the South Soto Street crossing.  Here they catch trains leaving the team track and heading back to the yard.  Looming in the background of many of the shots is the Crystal Promotions structure.  It shows…

The “Rail Scene”, More Than Just Rolling Stock

    I know it’s a different take than most people have, but for me locomotives and freight cars are just one part among many as to what makes up the overall rail scene.  I don’t need to encounter a train in order to have a good day of, for lack of a better term,…

LAJ street photo wallpaper

After posting my Helicopter Flyover movie short, a few questions came in as to where I got the images for the street photo wallpaper.  I’ve uploaded the files I used in the Photo wallpaper section.

First Movie “Short” – Helicopter Flyover

  After a few months of ramping up on the learning curve, I finally felt I’d gotten to the point where I could actually produce something.   The first “short movie” out of the box is a helicopter flyover of my LAJ layout.  You can see the clip HERE. Somebody that has been following this…

New Layout Design Posting

I just posted a layout design article on my business site discussing how to make the decision as to how many towns to include in a design.  You can read it here: How Many Towns Should I Put on my Layout?